Meet Me At The OM! #yogadiaries

21st June 2019
Entry I

As we celebrate the ancient practice of yoga on this day and as I complete my fourth yoga class at the Sivananda Yoga Centre (, I have decided to document the journey of discovering yoga and the many muscles of my feet !

Yoga often knocked on my door in the form of school mandated lessons and Yoga Day celebrations. I enjoyed it but never regularly practised asanas. About two months back I found myself with more time than I could hope to while away on my bed and hence decided to try my hand at a trial yoga class. The experience was great ! I felt stretched physically and relaxed mentally. The Om chanting reminded me of the powerful Omkar meditation I had tried my hand at 3 years back at Isha Foundation in Tamil Nadu (which I had thoroughly enjoyed and practised thereafter). All in all, I could have easily joined then and there, but due to some academic classes (and sheer laziness) I chose not to.

Fast forward to now, with a highly motivated partner (in form of a cousin sister who has just flown down from Bombay) I am enrolled for a month at the centre. I highly recommend having a partner, it helps with waking up on time and you can also share ‘muscle discovery’ notes!

The next post will dive deeper into what the first few classes were like, so stay tuned ! (This series will be limited to 10 posts or less)

Lastly, do drop a comment if you have / are currently practising / plan to practise yoga ! What has your experience been like ?

~ Kaisera Kanwar
Founder YWC

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